Game Diary: Entry #1

My initial thoughts for the main usage of this blog was as a game diary. I find it quite intriguing that with a click of a button, I can look back to my successful games. Yet another helpful mental aid.

I¬†am coming off of three games where my performance has been decent, but there were many mental miscues. I lacked intensity and focus at key moments. This didn’t necessarily lead to three losses, but highlighted areas in need of improvement. ¬†Proper mental preparation was made essential before this game. I got in the “zone” early, visualizing a game with added intensity. I got the ticket to start in goal this game, and felt quite confident at puck drop.

One thing I didn’t lack in this game was communication. Shouting encouragement, alerting my defense. By the end of the game I could hardly talk. My angles were solid, and I challenged the shooters well without being over-aggressive. I battled, and never took any play for granted. Sometimes when you are so in-tune to a game, movements begin to feel instinctive. There were a few defensive lapses on our part, which resulted in a 2-0 goal. At one point in the game I didn’t “pounce” on a rebound when I should have, allowing a second chance and a goal for the opposition. My coach approached me at the end of the game extremely impressed with my solid performance. I felt this game brought me back in-sync just by playing hard and battling. Hard work is the key to admirable results.