Numbers Game

Is there meaning to the numbers us hockey goalies wear on our backs? Almost every goalie has a story, long or short, on how he chose his. Mine? 30. It’s my high school number for hopefully only this season. I have gone back and forth over the years between almost every number between 30-39.  My very first number was in fact 30 then 36 then 39 then 35 now back to 30. Why? Well I can attribute this to the great Marty Brodeur:


Eventually I wanted to take my own route (hence 36). But now I think 35 or 39 are mainstays. It’s easy to see why so many of today’s goalies have primarily 30-39 stitched on their backs. Just look back in time. Terry Sawchuck (30), Tony Esposito (35), Patrick Roy (33). Who wouldn’t want to be just like their idols? Hence that is why a heavy percentage of today’s NHL goalies wear numbers 30-39. As to why Terry, Tony, and Patrick chose these numbers. Not sure, but they sure did start a trend. Take a look at former Nashville Predators goaltending tandem. Pekka Rinne, and Anders Lindback:



Both very similar playing styles if I might mention. Both have 35 and 39 stitched on the jerseys. Hmmm… Enough with this meandering.

Hoping to improve the blog, as well as have a post about where some of the NHL ‘tenders are playing because of the lockout. And if I might add; USA vs Russia in the World Junior Championships tomorrow at 9 am EST on NHL Network. Go USA.