The Starting Block

Hi there, and welcome.

Owning a blog is a new experience for me. As time passes, the level of my proficiency is sure to go up. In the mean time let me tell you why I created this blog.

A Game Diary- Sure you have heard that many NHL’ers have game diaries. I thought, why not? It is always a bonus to be able to go back to my good performances, and to digest the rough ones. Goaltending is a mental position, and success is synonymous with mental assuredness.

Gear- Why not? We are the only players in the line-up with the cool looking gear. What’s not to love? Our gear is our second skin, so you must be comfortable in it.

Phycological Meanderings- There is a lot to wonder about this game. Whatever comes to mind I guess.

Hockey Talk- Sometimes its good just to talk about hockey. Now granted under the NHL lockout, there isn’t much to talk about. But hey the World Junior Championships are in full swing. Enjoy the live hockey.